The Maestro celebrates the singer 

 Pete Seeger

Manhattan is the largest shopping center in the world, surrounded by water on all sides and with a half-dozen bridges linking it to the mainland. To save the island from that nothing attractive setting, at least for a non-consumerist minority, there are the majestic New York Public Library, its great public library, and the Central Park, right in the center of the island. And even there the city continues musical. Only in a brilliant city could be imagined and assisted the following scene: on a Tuesday in November, with a freezing cold hands abroad, about 300 people gather in the sixth floor of the Mid - Manhanttan Library to attend one conference led by Cesare Civetta around the theme "A Tribute to Pete Seeger." Who is Cesare Civetta? Maestro who has conducted more than sixty orchestras in sixteen countries, including notable peformances in China, South Africa, Sweden, Poland, Romania and Russia, author of 'The Real Toscanini: Musicians Reveal The Maestro' founder and director of the "Beethoven Festival Orchestra ', with peformances at Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden and others of the most important music venues off-Broadway of America. And who was Pete Seeger, who recently died at age 94? American folk singer and activist anti-capitalism, celebrated in the capital capitalism in its principal place of popular intelligence, the central public library. Pete Seeger adapted to better the largest Latin American anthem, Guatanamera. The militant that Americans anti-Communist put in the same bag of persecution next to Charles Chaplin. The celebrated artist who sang alongside Bruce Springsteen for the thousands of people on Barack Obama's inaugural show. President Barack Obama noted that Seeger had been called "America's tuning fork" and that he believed in "the power of song" to bring social change, "Over the years, Pete used his voice and his hammer to strike blows for workers' rights and civil rights; world peace and environmental conservation, and he always invited us to sing along. For reminding us where we come from and showing us where we need to go ». Only in the world capital a conductor, with Italian name, founder of a festival 'Beethoven', humbly dedicate hours to conclude, with an attentive audience, the life and work of Pete Seeger, which could be defined also as the father Bob Dylan, the legend still alive that influenced the Beatles. After that, we have to stop at the door of any church, somewhere in the Fifth-Avenue. And kiss the ground.
Cesare Civetta


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