A well done musical is the culmination of a human work on earth.

And the capital of the world and capitalism continues,

fortunately, more musical.


Go to New York and not watching a musical is like going to Rio de Janeiro and not see the beach. Or like going to Paris without going to the Louvre. More than a city institution or the USA, Broadway is the holy land for a tribe of worshipers crossing continents and generations. Catholics go to Rome, Muslims go to Mecca, Jews to Israel and we go to Broadway.

An Australian with "Moulin Rouge!", and a British with 'Les Miserables', managed to demystify the idea that it would be impossible to conceive great musical (in film) outside the US.

The English and the Australian used French thematic to make their masterpieces. A Victor Hugo novel in the first case. And on the other, a story inspired by the "Lady of the Camellias', set in the most famous cabaret in the world, still standing in Paris, the Moulin Rouge.

Despite producing cheeses, wines and fast trains, France is not very happy when it comes to musical films. Who else tried, and even became a classic, was the filmmaker Jacques Demy. But he is considered even by today's French as 'kitsch'. His best-known film is a true sugar mill, so luscious and sickening, "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg".

The Danish Lars von Trier, brilliant in "Dogville", managed to make a gloomy and sad musical, with Icelandic singer Björk playing the role of a mother who seeks to cure the blindness of the child in "Dance in the Dark". An anti-musical musical.

No one would have the audacity to establish such a judgment (kitsch, gloomy, sad) to a "Mary Poppins", a "Singing in the rain 'or' An American in Paris." The timelessness, of course, is the only reliable quality certificate to anyone who has spent thirty. And the great musical conquer this seal because they are timeless.

If tourist is a neophyte in musical theaters, and do not want to risk the night in the current season of Broadway, the safest is to invest in those works that complete decades on display: 'Chicago', presented as "The one, the only ', or even "Les Miserables" or "The Phantom of the Opera '.

But there are musical shows (!) singing the lives of John Lennon and the Motown record label or inspired by the music group ABBA, "Mamma Mia"! And even a certain 'The Book of the Mormon ", which should be a satire about religion. Then, there is musicals for all tastes.

The culminating point

After winning a lot of money, prestige and many oscars with tasteless film "The a king's speech ', the British filmmaker Tom Hooper consulted another successful colleague (and in this case deserved), the Australian filmmaker Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge!) With the classic question immortalized by Lenin in one of his pamphlets capital: 'what to do? »After that unexpected success even to himself. The answer came blazing: "making a musical, is the Everest (peak) of cinema."

And the English filmmaker who is not stupid, decided to invest their savings in a safe value. But that could have resulted in a fiasco. But that resulted in a masterpiece, even after the issue has been explored zillions of times. So was born the film version sung almost entirely of the immortal work of Victor Hugo, "Les Miserables".

An English(!) make the most current and brilliant film version of the story created by the French? A nice blow on the head of the neighbors on the other side of the continental Channel. The French did not buy more of this. And treated with indifference the great British work.

Even this scribe to not has high sympathies by Anglican things, is free, impartial and trustworthy to recognize that they are the ones that are closer to the Americans in the art of performing musical theater, perhaps because identity of language. And the director Tom Hooper made a great movie based on the theatrical success, who completed more than a quarter century on display in London in turn designed from the immortal literary work that definitely put marginalized people as main characters of literature.

The musical, film or theater, are the most complete work that a group of people can do in the face of the earth. The culmination, as well defined the Australian filmmaker. The maximum! The literature, with the text. The sound, with music and singing. The move, to dance or choreography. The representation, with the theater. The volume, with sculpture or architecture of the set design. The colors with paint, lighting, costumes, photography. And even the special effects of new technologies. And not forgetting the accounting, including sponsorships to ticket prices, without which the theaters not would open its doors.

Making a musical is a risky bet, it can result in a masterpiece or a complete failure if the ingredients are poorly designed and mixed. Of course there will always be someone who, after watching a spectacle, will say "do not get it, did not like it and found it useless." And running will participate and celebrate those 'parties' where torture oxen or put up cows in a fenced to be tortured. As in the old records, life has a side A and side B, or heaven and hell.


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